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Feb. 16th, 2016

Cute Miku

Best Fairy Tail Cosplayers

Fairy Tail is one of the most popular series among tons of other anime and manga. It has gained countless fans since being published in 2006. Fairy Tail has funny stories with twists, cool and sexy characters, it still doesn’t get an end, and I hope there is no ending, around 10 years now, we have witness so many memorable things has happened in this series. Cosplay Fairy Tail always could bring us amazing fun.
1. Natsu and Gray

Cosplayer: deicn911 (Natsu) and 狐小柒 (Gray)
2.Jellal Fernandes

Cosplayer: shokichi
3.Gildarts Clive

Cosplayer: Elffi
4.Juvia Lockser

Cosplayer: Karen Kasumi
5.Juvia Lockser



8.Natsu Dragneel

9. Erza

10. Girls and Loki

11. Fairy Tail Team

I love Fairy Tail!

Nov. 10th, 2015

Cute Miku

Handsome Final Fantasy VII Zack Cosplayers

picture credit
As the deceased character of Final Fantasy series, Zack Fair is an impressive guy in the heart of people. He is sociable, energetic and easygoing, who has positive attitude, and Zack is a tall and well-built young guy with spiky hair. Cosplay final fantasy Zack Fair is a popular choice with a lot of cosplayers; girls also do genderbend and crossplay.

Here are some final fantasy vii Zack cosplayers who show us handsome and cool Zack I am going to share with you today. Which one of your favorite? Share us the one you have done or the best one you have seen if possible.

picture credit

picture credit

picture credit
Cute Miku

Answer for question 4547.

Cosplay ('costume play') is a popular pastime for many people -- dressing up as a favorite fictional character for different reasons (conventions, holidays, events). For those who partake, what's the best costume you've ever created or worn? What's the best one you've ever seen from someone else?
Cosplay is much fun! And i have seen so many epic cosplayers who are really talented, one of the most impressive cosplay i've seen is the girl who is dressing up as Lulu from game Final Fantasy X. She looks so close to the character Lulu.

Jan. 4th, 2015

Cute Miku

Beautiful and Hot Uta no Prince sama Ren Jinguji Cosplay

Uta no Prince sama Ren Jinguji Cosplay
If you are a dedicated fangirl and are looking for manga or anime that has many beautiful and sexy guys in it, Uta no Prince-sama is undoubtedly the right series for you. Personally, I am always a huge fan of such type of anime and easily attracted by beautiful anime guys.
Uta no Prince sama Ren Jinguji
Uta no Prince sama Ren Jinguji cosplay
Uta no Prince sama Ren Jinguji cosplay
cosplayer Hanashaon
Uta no Prince sama Ren Jinguji cosplay
cosplayer Yojyouhanryosuke
Uta no Prince sama Ren Jinguji cosplay costume
Ren Jinguji is one of the hottest guys in the whole world to me. Every thing about him is so sexy, his beautiful face, his beautiful strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes, and his hot body, aha, nosebleeding now!!!

Beause of personally reasons, I can’t cosplay Uta no Prince-sama Ren Jinguji. But, there are so many excellent cosplayers who really show beautiful and hot prince Ren Jinguji. I am obsessed with them now!

Dec. 28th, 2014

Cute Miku

Beautiful Blue Exorcist Shura Kirigakure Cosplay Girls

picture source
Who are popular anime girls wear bikini as general costume? As for me, Yoko Littner would be the first one comes to my mind, and then is Shura Kirigakure from Blue Exorcist. To tell the truth, I think Yoko and Shura have several aspects in common, firstly, of course the similar anime costume; secondly is the long hair, Yoko has hot red hair while Shura has long hot pink hair (It looks like red color) with yellow ends that resemble flames. And finally two of them are quite sexy because of their busty staure.

cosplay by MonicaWos

cosplay by terminux
Ao no Exorcist Shura Kirigakure curly Cosplay Wig

cosplay by Reanna
As one of the powerful Exorcists and the Upper First-Class Exorcist in Ao no Exorcist and Rin Okumura’s mentor, Shura Kirigakure is a popular cosplay idea with a lot of girls, especially these curvaceous cosplayers.

Dec. 18th, 2014

Cute Miku

Amazing Danganronpa Cosplay Group

Danganronpa Kibo no Gakuen to Zetsubo no Kokosei cosplay group
Personally, I think couple or group cosplay is quite more interesting and exciting than solo cosplay. So, I would like to dress up together with my classmates or friends if I want to do costume play. Speaking of such type of anime or manga, there are so many good choices. And Danganronpa obviously is one of the best ideas.
Danganronpa group
Danganronpa group cosplay
Danganronpa group cosplay
Danganronpa group cosplay
Danganronpa group cosplay
cosplay pictures source
We know that there are so many distinctive and cool anime girls and boys in Dangan Ronpa series, Such as Junko Enoshima, Ibuki Mioda, Celestia Ludenberg, Nagito Komaeda, Monomi and Monokuma and so forth. Can you imagine that if you be one of them while your friends being other characters of Danganronpa? It would be really amazing! Here are some coo shots of Danganronpa cosplay group for you today!

Dec. 12th, 2014

Cute Miku

Awesome Sword Art Online Sinon Cosplay

Awesome Sword Art Online Sinon Cosplay
As one of the most popular cosplay ideas of Sword Art Online series, Sinon is dressed up by tons of girls all over the world. The short, pale blue hair, the cool and sexy combat costume that is in the form of desert colored military jacket, bulletproof armor and white muffler, is the typical and famous attire for cosplay Gun Gale Online Sinon, along with the eye-catching Equipment PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II, a long-ranged sniper rifle. How couldn’t we be imposing and outstanding by eauipmenting these cool things?
sword art online sinon
Awesome Sword Art Online Sinon Cosplay
Awesome Sword Art Online Sinon Cosplay
Awesome Sword Art Online Sinon Cosplay
give credit to cosplayer Ely
This cool cosplay girl is showing us awesome sword art online Sinon, right? It can be said that she would be the most eye-catching cosplayer at any activities. I really love her job!

Nov. 25th, 2014

Cute Miku

Sexy Fairy Tail Meredy Cosplay Costume

Fairy Tail Meredy Blue Pink Cosplay Costume
As a member of Crime Sorciere, Meredy looks quite different from her former appperace. She is taller and has curvaceous body, and her pink hair reaches down to the middle of her back in a quite wavy style. Obviously, most anime girls in Fairy Tail are beautiful and have very lage breasts, which isone of the main features of this series.
Fairy Tail Meredy Blue red Cosplay Costume
Fairy Tail Meredy Blue red Cosplay Costume
Fairy Tail Meredy adult Cosplay Costume
And this sexy anime costume is the typical outfit for dressing up as this pretty and alluring girl Meredy, which is consisting of red dress with a golden trim around a deep neckline, short skirt and a belt tied around her waist, along with a cool blue cloak with large hood.

This fairy tail adult Meredy cosplay costume would be a good idea for girls who have curve figure and pink curly hair or wig.

Nov. 18th, 2014

Cute Miku

Adorable Sword Art Oline Yui Cosplay Girls

sword art online yui cosplay
Who is the most adorable anime girl in Sword Art Online? Probably, there would be a lot of people agree that Yui is the NO.1. As for me, I will vote for Yui too. The small staure and the baby face, along with the long black hair, display a very cute anime girl in SAO. So, how could adorable cosplay girls neglect this sweet character?
sword art online yui
sword art online yui cosplay
picture source
sword art online yui cosplay
cosplay by Suji Lim
sword art online yui cosplay
cosplay by PPX
Obviously, cosplay sword art online Yui has become an idea choice for small and cue cosplayers who have baby face and are looking for easy cosplay idea. The plain white dress is one of the main anime costumes in the whole series, and another one is the Navigation Pixie pink outfit. Both dresses could help cosplayers stand out and be adorable easily.

Nov. 10th, 2014

Cute Miku

Cute Black Butler Alois Trancy Cosplay

Black Butler Alois Trancy Cosplay
Alois Trancy is a well-known anime character in the eyes of most anime fans. The blonde hair and the sadistic personality are his impressive traits. As the head of Trancy Household and one of the main characters of Kuroshitsuji II, Alois is famous for his vicious, barbarous and contemptuous manner.
black butler alois trancy
Black Butler Alois Trancy Cosplay
Black Butler Alois Trancy Cosplay
cosplay source
black butler alois trancy purple brown boots
The same as Ciel Phantomhive, Black Butler Alois also has contract seal with a Buter, Claude Faustus. Due to his badass personality and cute appearance, there are lots of cosplayers addicted to him. It looks like that we could be a cute boy as long we put on the pale blonde wig, the purple coat (one of the main anime costumes of Alois in Kuroshitsuji II), the brown boots, plus the encircled, gold and orange pentagram on the tongue.

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