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Zetsuen no Tempest Takigawa Yoshino Cosplay in School Uniform

Zetsuen no Tempest Takigawa Yoshino Cosplay in School Uniform
Which character in Zetsuen no Tempest is your favorite? Who do you think is the cutest? Personally, I think Takigawa Yoshiro is quite cute although he is a boy. (There are so many cute anime boys in different series.)
Zetsuen no Tempest Takigawa Yoshino
Zetsuen no Tempest Mahiro Aika Yoshino Cosplay in School Uniform
Hence, as for Zetsuen no Tempest Yoshiro cosplay, it is really a good idea for female cosplayers. In terms of this cute boy, he is the leading character of Blast of Tempest and has two girl friends in the whole story; one is Aika Fuwa who suicided due to her identity of Magician of Exodus, and another is Hakaze Kusaribe who is a sexy young girl and is the leader of the Kusaribe Clan. Takigawa Yoshiro has short brown hair and green eyes.

There are mainly two anime costumes for Yoshiro cosplay; one is the simple school boys’ uniform that this cute cosplayer wears. By the way, this suit is somewhat similar with boys’ in Ouran High School Host Club, right?
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